Social Sector Consulting Services

Our understanding of grassroots realities and business principles enables us to approach social development challenges in a practical way and come up with innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Our services include
• Conducting focussed multidisciplinary research and delivering cutting edge analysis to bring insight into businesses, industries, and markets across all areas of social development.
• Supporting social enterprises with research and business advice to organizations that seek to engage with Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) markets, across several sectors, including financial inclusion, microfinance, agribusiness, education, e-governance and social entrepreneurship.
• Using our exposure and experience in the social development sector, to function as strategic advisors to corporations and other enabling organizations interested in the BoP space.
• Pilot testing new ideas on the ground and collating the feedback, suggesting improvements and facilitating the roll-out.

Business Continuity Planning Cycle

We at RightLogix fully understand the urgency and importance to maintain required level of customer service even in contingency situations. We developed a well thought out Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to tide over contingency arising out of a disaster. The corner stones of our BCP “prevention” service disruption in as many situations and “resumption” of normal business operation in the shortest possible time. All our BCP processes are regularly tested and audited to ensure failsafe readiness at all times.

Business Continuity Plan aims to address the contingencies arising out of
• Disruption of loss of utility services such as communication, power, etc.
• Natural/Environmental disasters,
• Organized / deliberate disruption because of act of terrorism, act of war, civil disorders, etc.
• IT Infrastructure/equipment breakdown